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I write about educational equity and racial justice.

How enduring 9/11 memories from Brooklyn shaped me as a teacher

Reflections on  how starting my teaching career in Brooklyn on 9/11 has impacted my educational journey, and a celebration of the life of a former student who died that day.

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Math Literacy, Civil Rights, and Lemonade

Civil rights icon Bob Moses passed away in July 2021. When I was in fifth grade, Bob taught me how to make lemonade. Decades later, I’m passing on lessons I learned from him to my own undergraduate students.

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Bob Moses Mosaic in Article by Jonathan Osler

Buying My Way Into an Oakland Public School

The Oakland Unified School District created an "Opportunity Ticket" to help students, but the reality is that many families - mine included - already had one. Here's what money can buy.

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Collage of Peralta Elementary by Jonathan Osler

A Guide for Integrating Racial and Social Justice Into Math Curriculum

I wrote this guide to support educators with integrating issues of racial and social justice into their math curriculum.

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