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Image from White Accomplices Website Curated by Jonathan Osler
Jonathan Osler Website Imagery

Philanthropic Leadership

Shifting the Balance of Power to Everyday People

At the Marguerite Casey Foundation I directed national grantmaking programs including the Freedom Scholars award, managed more than a dozen live and virtual events, and facilitated convenings of philanthropic, nonprofit, and civic leaders.

Closing the Digital Divide for Oakland Students

During the pandemic, I created this hashtag, helped raise $13MM, and supported the launch of a campaign to provide free laptops and wireless internet to more than 25k Oakland families. Today, 97% of Oakland students have internet-enabled devices.

Opportunities for White People in the Fight for Racial Justice

Developed in partnership with Black activists and other white organizers and educators, this site identifies specific actions that white people can take in their journey from Actors to Allies to Accomplices in solidarity with people and communities of color.

Integrating Social and Racial Justice in Math Education

A project I developed as a high school math teacher that provides lesson plans, resources, and a curriculum planning guide for math educators to integrate social justice content into their courses.

Jonathan Osler Website Imagery
Jonathan Osler Website Imagery
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